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WONDER WASHER (Item #23741)

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Tired of trips to the Laundromat for every little load? Stay home instead and let the Wonder Washer handle your small loads of laundry. Just 14" tall, this plastic washing machine plugs into any standard outlet and cleans a small load in just 15 minutes. It has two dial settings, including a timer. It has a 7-liter capacity and weighs just 8 pounds.

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Product Rating: 5.00 (2 Ratings)
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Pamela Knaack
Plymouth, MA

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love my wonder washer

I had another wonder washer that I used for years. I loved it. I recently moved and it was waylaid. So I'm looking forward to using a brand new one. I bought a wonder washer a couple of years ago and I think one of my neighbors took it and put my old one in its place. So when I got it at my door it actually wasn't the new one but my old one from my last apartment. It recently ran down and that's why I'm buying the new one.

Gloria Bailey
Greencastle, Pa

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Wonder Washer

This is a handy dandy little washer. I bought mine last January to use on a 3 month trip this summer. The only laundry I did in laundromats was jeans, towels etc. I feel I got my money's worth.

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Please advise whether there is a dial on the machine that will allow the unit to be filled with clear water and used to remove the soap from the clothes after they have been washed? I just want to know whether it can be used in the fashion that I suggested, by a simple process of refilling with clear water to rinse the clothes. I am interested in this product, but would like to know, first, if the cleaning process can be manipulated in the fashion I mention above.

Yes, this machine can be used by refilling with clear water to rinse the clothes. After clothes have been washed with soap the machine must be drained of the soapy water first, before being filled with the clear, clean water. After you allow the clothes to agitate, drain the soapy water by tilting the machine to allow the water to run into the sink through the holes on the lid; or if it is fitted with a water release valve, insert Pipe into Valve and turn a quarter turn clockwise until it clicks into position. Next, you can rinse by hand or by machine. To rinse by hand, fill up your sink with clean water, empty washed clothes into the sink, and agitate by hand. To rinse by machine, drain out the soapy water, refill the washer with clean cold water, replace the pressure lid and tighten, then turn the machine on for about 30 seconds, drain and wring dry (repeat if necessary).

How many items will it hold at once?

That depends on the size of the clothing. However, as a general guideline, it will hold several shirts or two pairs of adult pants.

Do I have to hand wring water out of clothes to dry them?

This washer does not have a spin cycle. You will have to wring water out and hang the clothes to dry them.

How do you get the soap out? Do you need to empty it and refill it, and reset the timer for another 15 mins before you can get your clothes clean?

After washing, either drain it into a sink or if fitted with water release valve, insert Pipe into Valve and turn a quarter turn clockwise, until it clicks into position. But yes, you will need to remove the soapy water before replacing it with clean water to rinse the clothes clean.

Does it have a drain, or must one tip it over to empty it?

You must tip it over to empty the water out of the washer.

Does this washer spin dry also ?

No, this washer does not spin dry. You will need to hang dry any items that are washed with this.

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