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LAUNDRY POD (Item #37471)

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Clean clothes without electricity! The Laundry POD™ is a non-electric, eco-friendly, portable solution for washing small laundry loads in the comfort of a home, or in the RV. Insert up to 10 clothing articles, let them soak a few minutes and manually spin one-minute to get fresh, spotless clothes anywhere. Drains easily with attached hose. Plastic, 15"L x 14 3/4"W x 14 1/4“H.

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Does this machine have a drain, or do you need to tip to remove water? Does this machine have a rinse cycle?

This machine drains easily with an attached hose that you aim into the sink. Regarding the rinse cycle, you first drain the dirty water used to wash your clothes by opening the valve and rotating the handle to extract the water through the attached hose into a sink. Next, refill the POD with clean water to begin the rinse cycle and rotate the handle. Once finished rinsing, just open the valve on the bottom and aim the draining tube into the sink to extract the rest of the water.

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