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BLASTER BRUSH (Item #37958)

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Discover the power of the Blaster Brush! Attach the Blaster Brush to an ordinary garden hose for the ultimate 2-in-1 pressure washer and cleaning brush. Wash your car twice as well in half the time. Heavy grime and dirt flake off under the spray power pressurized enough to reach two storys high. Also great for windows, siding, walkways and patio furniture. The lightweight telescoping aluminum pole helps to reach any area with the 100% non-scratch bristles. Extends 34 1/2 - 54". Metal alloy, PVC.

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Could you tell me how much pressure this would allow? I want to clean my patio - not sure this amount of pressure will do the job.

The Blaster Brush uses no electricity and it does not have a water pump. Therefore the water force coming out the Blaster Brush is dependent on the water pressure at the tap. However, it takes the tap pressure and increases it approx. 10 times.

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